Tor Exit Nodes

I feel like I needed to help out a little more towards a great project: TOR. I won’t go into what it is here, as I assume my average reader knows. Hacking and Coffee decided to stand up a couple of exit nodes to contribute to the network. They do have a reduced exit policy, however most services are still accessible (notable exceptions being port 25 for SMTP between servers rather than user submissions). The first one to be given an exit flag is set and can be referenced at  (traffic statistics can be seen at ).

The second node is still ramping up, but is also configured as an exit with similar policies as the first node. I expect this one to have much higher overally capacity, around 50 MB/s

I hope others will contribute as well. The project has been under a lot of stress recently, which I won’t go into here, and the network needs more nodes than ever.

So spare some bandwith for those in need. Run a relay.