New(-ish) Mirrors & Infocon Mirror Rebuild

After review it seems that Infocon mirror built up some errors due to a tracker problem, and an RSS feed problem that prevented torrent files from being replaced as needed. It is being rebuilt currently. RSS P2P clients are a pain to maintain, as none of the headless systems properly support it and, let’s face it, no one wants to tunnel X from a server if they don’t have to.

As for other mirror news, the CentOS mirror became official last week, and other mirrors are in progress in that regard. There are more on the way as well.


Unique Policy of Transferring User names by Telegram

Telegram has been around for a little while now, and its user base is growing. However, despite their attempts to be the secure system to beat out the larger social networks, they have one particularly alarming policy: They will transfer a username unilaterally from an established account to another.

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Tor Exit Nodes

I feel like I needed to help out a little more towards a great project: TOR. I won’t go into what it is here, as I assume my average reader knows. Hacking and Coffee decided to stand up a couple of exit nodes to contribute to the network. They do have a reduced exit policy, however most services are still accessible (notable exceptions being port 25 for SMTP between servers rather than user submissions). The first one to be given an exit flag is set and can be referenced at  (traffic statistics can be seen at ).

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Peach EXE Template

I uploaded the first of my old Peach fuzzer templates to my Github account. This template is for the Microsoft PE/COFF 32bit EXE executable standard. I originally made this at my super-secret-alter-ego job almost 4 years ago. However, we did not have the resources to devote to running it at the time. Should not be too hard to update for 64bit and other newer attributes. May run it on some windows 10 VMs, or through some AVs such as Symantec.

Github Peach Fuzzer Templates