First and foremost, the alleged “tail” has its own section if you are inquiring about this imaginary purple ball of fluff. Seriously people, grow up. Still here? Ok.

I am Hon1nbo, and I work as a Security Consultant performing Red Team operations against my clients. I keep my professional and independent work separate, and this site is devoted to my independent work. Here I post about things I disclose, code I release (gitlab access coming soon), and projects I support. You might also want to check your process table about now.* Over the years I have come up with a wide arsenal of tricks that are not found on the average red team. In fact, some of them I think I may have invented. Legal abuse techniques are patent pending. What do you mean I can’t patent filing paperwork in the county court system to inject a Cobalt Strike Beacon payload into a target with a cease and desist and unwitting process server? Blah, they’ll approve it.

* Wonder how many people actually did this. Paranoid industry after all

Moving On.

I host a lot of FOSS projects voluntarily, including a certain one that you guys probably use to pen-test your clients. If you got an interesting distro that needs a mirror, send me a request. In the meantime while I clean up the dust, and drive the minions to compile the large amount of content collecting dust on my documentation drives, you can sit there hitting refresh ad-infinitum.