Project Mirrors

‘Ello Gents! I heard you might be in need of a place to store all of those packages you got. Well, if you ever need a place to put the buggers send me an email, a tweet, or submit via this form: FOSS Hosting Requests

All mirrors can be accessed via http, https, or rsync

Current Projects Mirrored:

Arch Linux

Yes, another Arch mirror. Not many in North Texas, so I thought I would add another one. Also Arch is awesome, so yeah enough reason for me.


Pentesting on Arch? Yes please! Unlike the original BlackArch project, this is maintained by original blackarch members with the arch mentality. It’s a great lightweight pentesting distro, and unlike Kali tends to have the bleeding version of tools. I try to keep both this and Kali on hand.

Infocon is a fantastic resource for our industry and community. Hacking and Coffee proudly hosts a full torrent mirror seeding around the clock, along with an HTTP/HTTPS mirror for those looking for individual files.

This project has a dedicated server sponsored by the Server Store in Carrolton, Texas and is hosted out of my not-so-secret cloud hosting company I run on the side to my red teaming work. Contribute to the project and P2P in general. Keep a >1.0 Ratio!

More details on my project page, and on the main project page


The CentOS project is a great, stable enterprise ready OS that won’t break every time you run yum update -y.


Oh hai, a shiny! Qubes is a really cool project, and a great defensive endpoint combining the Xen hypervisor with a well integrated system.

Kali Linux

The quieter you are, the more you are able to hear.