Looking back on my con visits, and talking with more people in the community (notably Waggie and others), I decided to add yet another volunteer project into my datacenter.

My not-so-secret alter ego approved installing a server in the datacenter and allocating a large amount of bandwidth. The result? An archives of every conference talk imaginable.

The project is Infocon ( ). This is a really great project that needs all the help it can get. At the time of this writing, it has an archive of over 5 Terabytes of data. my server is only one torrent seed box dedicated to round-the-clock operation, but it needs all it can get. We all know that to the detriment of the P2P networks, most users have a seed ratio far less than 1:1. Because of this, servers such as this ensure that all content is being seeded.

The Hacking and Coffee server ( ) is volunteer run and uses a mixture of my bandwidth / power, some donated hardware from The Server Store, and the combined dedication of Waggie and myself. As my alleged tail dutifully bashes these keystrokes, the syncing only misses DEFCON which has some encoding issues and has to be regenerated ( @infoconorg is working on that currently).