Who we cater to

  • Non-Profits
  • Small Businesses / Adventurous Individuals
  • Schools & Students
  • Any other “little guy” organizations or individuals that aren’t ready quite yet for the big time, but need to get their foot in the door to grow, learn, and stay secure.


Hosting & Colocation

Want just a straight VPS with your capacity specification, or a Docker container and a shell? We’ll oblige.

Want to ship us an Intel NUC and a hard drive? We can provide the shelf

Need a VPN endpoint for that trip with untrusted networks? We have IPs to spare.

Hosting at it’s most powerful. You won’t find a table of predefined items because every service is custom to the customer. Our specialty comes from the hands on approach to find what’s best, exactly what you want. We don’t provide management of your system, because it’s yours; you know your use case and requirements better than we do.

Tell us what you need, and we can make it happen.

We give the little guys a chance, while getting performance they need to get to market quicker or just getting those juicy minecraft block updates quicker. Everyone has to start somewhere, why not make yours here?

Business Networking & Hardware Services

We can offer you everything from one-on-one consulting time, to pulling cables through your walls

  • Firewall deployment & configuration
  • Access Point installation
  • Domain stand-up
  • Secure by-default configs
  • Data Destruction
    • Certificate of destruction provided upon request

Security Guidance

Ever need just the basics? Something a small group can work with, and not require full consulting services of an enterprise? Well this is that. Ranging from Skype sessions for basic advice and information by the hour, to in person sessions for your staff or students.

Student Lectures

The next generation of students is more computer oriented than the last, but overall they still tend to come out of their educations making the same security mistakes of their predecessors. The reason is that most organizations are teaching great basics, such as Data Structures and Algorithms, but not the basics of system security. The average student coming out of a undergraduate computer science program cannot identify why if ($storedHash == $suppliedHash) is bad but if ($storedHash === $suppliedHash) is better…. or even ask the appropriate question of what programming language that applies to (hint, this is a type casting vulnerability affecting languages such as PHP).

We can provide guidance to students at the university level, with some assistance to local high schools as well.

Student, Amateur Radio, and FOSS Project Hosting

Hacking & Coffee provides hosting at a discount to students and open source projects. This includes services such as Virtual Private Servers, Virtual VPNs, dedicated servers and colocation.

We also have an allocation on the AMPRNet for licensed radio operators, which can be attached to almost any instance.

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